Conservative Dentistry

Conservative Dentistry

Conservative and Restorative dentistry objective is to prevent the harm on the dental tissue before it happens and to restore the patient’s original teeth functionally and aesthetically including dental fillings (new fillings and replacement), inlays and onlays, crowns, bridges, or veneers.
The Conservative Procedures start with Fluoride Applications, passing the application of special materials to cure the last stage of the tooth harm leads usually to caries “called white spot lesions”. It’s a promising treatment for the areas showing on the teeth due to the Calcium Deficiency from the enamel surface “called de-mineralized areas”.
The Conservative Concept is applied also on the other dental treatments in the field of “minimum invasive dentistry” which means to limit the dental treatment to the just necessary intervention. When we have several options to treat a certain case we always opt for the minimum sufficient procedure to spare as much as possible from the sound dental tissues.
Each Dental Case is a unique for us, we deal with it according to the best interest of the patient, and this procedures includes:
1- Application of a special materials: in the de-mineralized enamel cases with no drilling at all.
2- Composite fillings: when there is a loss in the dental tissue in the anterior or posterior teeth.
3- Inlay/Onlay Ceramic: when the loss of the dental tissues include a cusp or more in the posterior teeth.
4- Full Crown: when there is a significant loss in the dental tissue which usually follow the Root Canal Treatment (RCT).
5- Bridge: when there is a missing tooth (or teeth) and we want to bridge the gap between the two adjacent teeth. We usually prefer to put an implant to replace the missing tooth but in some cases the bridge will be the most suitable restoration option.

Hollywood Smile and Digital Smile Design:
When the patient came to the clinic asking to enhance her/his smile we start in the first session to talk with him asking about the points she/he doesn’t like about his smile, and during that interview our specialist take many notes about the smile, the lips, the shape of the face, the color of the skin, the eyes and many other small features. When we decide to interfere by doing dental work we start with a study called Digital Smile Design (DSD), which starts by taking many facial and intra-oral photos beside the impressions for the upper and lower jaws then analyzing the case and build it up to make a mock-up for the patient that can be tried at the clinic to check if that is what the patient is aiming for even withoyt touching any teeth or grinding any surface.
When the patient likes the new smile design (she/he can modify a lot of features and can add whatever she/he desires) we go to the next step.
Mostly the next step will put a nice touch to the gum to make it look symmetric and healthy and this procedure is  mostly done by our new and advanced Laser machine.
After the suitable healing time for the gum “gingiva” we move to the final step and make final restorations (veneers or crowns according to the indication of each one) for the anterior teeth.
In some cases we prefer to go for a stage of orthodontic treatment to achieve the best smile in a conservative way after aligning the teeth in a right position.
Based on our strict principal “Minimum Invasive Dentistry” most of the cases we go for veneers.

  • In our dental practice based on the cases needs sometimes a full mouth rehabilitation is needed, in which there is a very complicated situation: a big loss in the sound dental tissues, several missing teeth, bad occlusion, migration of teeth…
    These cases usually take a lot of effort to create a new occlusion based on physiology and aesthetics. We are specialized to solve these big problems in a high quality of dental procedures based on Art, Science, and new digital means.
    Our Specialist is a highly qualified dentist who can take the client in a great make over journey starting from a shy smile to a confident beautiful one!


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